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A Fax machine for free?


THERE IS no such thing as a free lunch, but sometimes you can get something, seemingly, for nothing.

A while ago we came across Faxtastic, a UK website which offers a free fax number to anyone who signs up for it.

The catch? Well, we had to read it three or four times before concluded: "This is not a wind up!"

What Faxtastic offers is a free fax number which allows you to receive faxes as email attachments.

This is great because:

  1. It costs nothing
  2. You don't need to buy a fax machine
  3. The faxes turn up as email attachments, so you save on paper and never miss a message

Our gut reation was - there must be a catch. For a start, how does Faxtastic make its money? Here's how - it charges the sender a premium rate for the fax number when it is used. So, every time someone sends you a fax, Faxtastic makes money.

Perhaps because of this, junk faxes are virtually zero, which is another plus. The only other catch is that you must receive at least one fax every three months or you will lose your fax number (which seems reasonable enough.)

Faxtastic also offer a range of other fax-related services which do cost money, but you don't need to buy them to get their free service.

Visit http://www.faxtastic.co.uk/ and check out Faxtastic for yourself.