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But if you are on your own with a problem to solve, the solutions are out there!

In this new section, we hope to build up a resource of genuinely useful tips and tricks to make your life easier.

A range of useful tips are given over there, to the right of the page. Just click on the ones which take your fancy.

Get Organised for Free

How about this - an online calendar that synchronises with your other calendars and that can be accessed selectively by your work associates. And it's free? And it works for Macs too? And it synchronises with Facebook? Even adding in all your friends's birthdays. Yup. It exists. It is called 30 Boxes Visit:

And for an encore, you can check out the Calgoo Calendar - it syncs up with 30 Days (above) and is generally wonderful too. Click here for more...

A More Useful Home Page on your Browser

So, how about a more useful homepage when you start surfing? Again it is free and it is called ProtoPage. You'll love it.

Click here for more about Protopage...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We've written a lot about SEO Cowboys, how about some tips direct from the horse's mouth for a change? Yes, from Google itself!

Google runs a blog which gives insights into the way the company thinks and, therefore, decides which websites are at the top of searches and which ones are lower down. Here is a link to the Google Blog, where you'll see movies of REAL Google employees giving you the low down on what Google is REALLY about.

For example, one particular area which SEO people get worked up about are things called 'Meta Tags'. Are they important? Well, for Google, we now know they are not. How do we know? Because Google says so. Click here to find out what Google actually says about Meta Tags.

Editing Pictures

If you are having problems with great big image files you want to cut down to size to put in a presentation, there are many ways to go. Here is a website which will resize your images down to size for free. Simply visit:

If you want to do a little more than that, how about playing with FotoFlexer? It's free - just have a go by clicking on this link.

Once you have your pictures, you may want a better way to organise them. With the demise of Adobe's Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 (it has been discontinued) we have been looking around for an alternative and we think Google's Picasa looks like it will become some sort of Industry Standard. Judge for yourself by downloading a free copy from the Picasa website at - simply click on this link.

Can't afford Microsoft Office? How about this!

There's a perfectly good free alternative to Microsoft Office sitting right under your nose. Now your whole team can do Word Processing, Presentations and spreadsheets etc. for free. It's called Open Office and it is a 'must have'!

Download it now for free before Microsoft find out about it!

Click here to visit the Open Office website.