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Free help for your business

Before you start spending money, why not do a little reading?

The following websites are packed with useful tips on how to get the most from your business without cracking the whip, splashing out the cash and giving yourself a hernia.

None of these sites is commercially linked with Krann, it's just that we like 'em!


There are many quality organisations that share the basic Krann business philosophy: "offer a quality service with satisfaction guaranteed."

Many of the firms firms listed below impress us for that reason. If one of them is YOUR supplier, let us know what they do well. We will be adding to this area of the site to help customers choose reliable businesses and services.

Please note, space on this page is limited and we will update (and prune) this list from time to time.

If you would like to be considered for the Krann List, contact us. There is no fee - all we ask is that you continue to deliver a quality service for your clients. If you would like your website to link back to us, feel free to do so - contact us to get help if you need it.

Useful for You!

There is £1 billion sitting in forgotten bank acocunts. Could you be entitiled to this money?

Visit this site run by the Banks, Buiding Societies and National Savings & Investments...


Web Directories

Business Assistance

    Submit web site & graphic design projects to multiple website designers, developers and programmers.


Public Relations

    skv public relations
    Public relations agency with offices in Manchester, Liverpool and London. Services offered include public relations, new media, design and print.

Building Services


Amtico Flooring
A great place to find the best priced Amtico flooring in the UK

Visit Floorbay, your Karndean, Poyflor and Camaro flooring specialists!

Web Design Services