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Marketing your company online

Do you have a sales team?

What are they doing right now?

They should be doing one of three things - prospecting, proposing or following up.

If they are not doing one of these three things then they are taking a break from their day job.

These days, more and more customers are doing the job of a sales team.

Customers looking for aircraft, industrial flooring, promotional gifts...pretty much anything you care to mention now routinely go to Google, type in what they want and, hey presto, are presented with a selection of websites catering for their every need.

And they use these websites to learn everything they can about their chosen target before they pick up the phone or open their wallet.

Case Study

In June 2006, our client the North West Paving and Flooring Centre wanted more customers for its range of Indian Stone.

We at Krann suggested to the company's management team that they invest a small part of their advertising budget on a Google advertising campaign which we would run for them.

This campaign was very simple and very effective.

In less than a month the Paving Centre got new customers who paid back their investment many times over. Krann did all the work, allowing the Paving Centre to focus on the day-to-day job of selling quality interior and exterior stone and wood flooring.

Since then, The Paving Centre has turned over hundreds of thousands of pounds in online sales alone, selling stone paving online to new customers across the UK.

How it worked

Every time someone in Cheshire (yes, we can target specially selected areas) typed the phrase 'Indian Stone' into Google, a small text ad for the Paving Centre appeared as part of the 'Sponsored Links' on the Google Search Results pages.
(see fig. below)

These 'Adwords Ads' appear alongside the Search Results and have consistently proven to get positive results.

In one month, the Paving Centre got 120 clicks from their ad, and all those clicks came from from people who were genuinely interested in the Paving Centre's goods, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to click their ad.

The ad linked back to the Paving Centre's website which encouraged visitors to phone or visit the Paving Centre in Ellesmere Port or Wilmslow.

We know the ad has worked because the Paving Centre has sold hundreds of thousands of pounds of stone online to customers across the UK who would never have heard of the company if they hadn't advertised in this way.

The company conducted its own customer research and found that the money invested with Krann via an online campaign has been paid back many, many times over in orders gleaned via our this simple and effective online advertising campaign.

...and better than that, the campaign found that many customers looking for decking look for it online - this was an area of business the Paving Centre was considering going into, but they hadn't the stats to back up their hunch that it was a winner until Krann got involved! Now the Paving Centre offers a new range of high quality composite decking and advertises it online via a brand new, highly-targeted campaign which Krann manages. Stay tuned for a month or two and we'll tell you how successful it is !

It worked for them, now it could work for you

By doing the same thing the Paving Centre has done you can increase your sales, customers and profits. It means less work finding new clients and more time for your to map out a future for your business.

If your business can afford a budget of £50 per month, this will translate into over 50 clicks per month - i.e. 50 new prospective customers.

If only one customer is impressed enough with your website to place a £500 order with you (and you allow 10% of that order against your ad spend) you have made Google pay its way. Keep that up long enough and you'll be making some serious money!

Make a decision

We believe a Krann online marketing campaign can represent far better value for money than a press, radio or yellow pages ad - we can even tell you what your customers are looking for and we will write your ad so as to appeal to your precise target market and place them in precise geographical areas.

The ads guarantee visits to your website. You ad may appear many thousands of times, but you will only be charged based on the number of times people click on the ad to visit your website, not on the number of times your ad appears.

So why not give us a try? We handle the complicated stuff and you only pay us for as long as you need us - it's in our interests for you to be successful!

Call us for a visit to your company and we'll be happy to answer all your questions on this fascinating way of bringing more customers to your business.

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