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How far is Manchester from London?

Free Map Tools

WHERE WOULD we be without a map?

Lost, of course.

And thanks to the mighty Internet, our beloved and dusty maps have been given a 21st Century electrodes-to-the-temples makeover, giving us useful websites such as the fabulous FreeMapTools.

FreeMapTools features a gaggle of gadgets which, when taken together, pass for an amateur cartographer's Swiss army knife.

Now you can find distances, see where UK post codes are and even download all UK post codes.

Used in conjunction with Royal Mail's postcode finder, this is powerful stuff.

So you'll never be lost for an answer again when ambushed with a geography question.


(Incidentally, Manchester is only 163 miles from London, and the top speed of the French TGV is 321mph. Draw your own conclusions from that observation!)