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Website of the Month - October 2009

TV Ark

IN THE OLD DAYS...about 30 years ago, everyone watched TV.

Not just any TV, but the SAME TV - we had three channels and millions would tune into programmes such as 'The Generation Game' and 'Z-Cars'.

Watching these programmes today, you are more interested in what happens next than marvelling about how we all used to live - it's the story and the drama which gets in the way.

But there was plenty of TV without drama around then - the small but manifold public information films, the title sequences, introductory links and bits & pieces which set the scene. The kind of grammar, non-verbal and quirky turns of phrase in the TV language (with BBC and ITV dialects)  which so typified the time. Like wallpaper, you don't notice it until it becomes wildly out of date.

So though a re-run of Dr Who with Jon Pertwee might remind you of times past, there's nothing like a series of obscure 1980s public information films to make your jaw drop.

Such oddities and curios are found at a wonderful website called TV ARK - The Online Television Museum there is masses and masses of stuff there.

Whole forgotten series, showbiz careers and shows which were only ever shown in 'regions' of the UK are there. We promise you will be amazed at what you see...

So now, when you talk about the old days and your kids don't believe you, show them this!