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Website of the Month - September 2009


BUSINESSBALLS is a free ethical learning and development resource for people and organizations, run by Alan Chapman, in Leicester, England.

Businessballs has been running for over a decade and you may have seen it before. Nevertheless, it is worth another look if you haven't bothered with it for a while.

Unlike many of the best business tips and training websites, this one is not Californian or even vaguely American - it it British!

Why is this significant?

Union Flag

British customers are different from American ones, which means the stuff you will learn from Businessballs.com will, we believe, be more effective in the British marketplace than some of the tips one gets from the States.

Moreover, though the basic marketing principles given are the same as with other good marketing advice sites, the presentation of them on BusinessBalls.com is targeted to a British audience. So, if you are British, you may find the articles easier to read - and more relevant to you if most of your customers are British too.

(...and if you are American, have a look anyway - learn to love British business in a Bill Bryson sort of way!)

How it describes itself

Businessballs.com launched at the end of 1999. The concept began a few years earlier as an experimental online collection of learning and development ideas. The website is now used by about a million people each month. Alan originally created the Businessballs name for juggling balls which he used in his training and development business.

The philosophy of the website is intended to be ethical, practical, innovative, compassionate and enjoyable.

Website functionality and services will improve progressively, with the continuing aim of enabling positive ethical change in work and life, and beyond.