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Website of the Month - April 2010

Conservative Poster

At Krann we like to avoid politics wherever possible. However, many of you out there can't have missed the run-up to the General Election on May 6th and neither could we.

We've been looking at how the politicians are presenting themselves and it is clear that they have come to the conclusion that, after seeing the proven success of New Labour at winning elections, they want to carry on the winning formula.

This formula has been to treat their product (i.e. their party) as a new brand of washing powder -  it seems to have worked so far, since the Labour party has won three elections in a row.

The politicians have equated politics with sales, so it comes as no surprise that the leaders of the main parties are acting like door-to-door salesmen - a bit like Victor Kiam, but without the polish, charm, enthusiasm, sense of humour and twinkle in the eye - so not like Victor Kiam at all, really.

As they've been taught by sales trainers, it is understandable that the Prime Ministerial candidates in the TV debates come up with anecdotes all the time. It's the old 'illustrate what you mean' mantra. This works well when you are at a conference and have a Powerpoint presentation behind you (except when your PP presentation doesn't start, which is about 80% of the time, right?) but not so hot when you are looking at a live camera and your opponents are sharing the stage. This situation never happens in sales, only on TV.

It appears that this has been a mistake - sales and politics are very alike, but they are still totally different and the electorate are not fooled. Anyone who can get it together to vote on Election Day can spot a phony a mile off.

There's no substitute for a real twinkle in the eye. 

Th candidates should be learning from the real experts at TV presentation - the young women currently running for the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on BBC TV.

The rules are:

1. Gush about the other candidates and how good they are. Genuinely.

2. Be incredibly good at what you do.

3. Say it with feeling.

4. Entertain the audience.

5. Look at the camera.

6. Do say: 'I've taken everything on board about what you said last time, and I really feel it has helped me'

7. Don't say: 'The Prime Minister has failed the land of Oz. I am the only candidate who can really deliver the kind of Dorothy this country needs.'

To keep the election fever going, here's a few hilarious websites for you. We tried to balance this out, but all the fun ones have a go at the Conservatives. Some things never change!

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