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"No, I am Google!" - Fraud Update

Kirk Douglas

HERE'S A CLASSIC - following on from our earlier article on UK Search Engine Cowboys, I got a call today from a salesman who announced himself as follows: "Hello - I'm, calling on behalf of Google."

This was a big surprise as, to our knowledge, Google UK never cold calls (it doesn't really need to anyway...)

So we quizzed the salesman: "You are calling from Google?"

He clarified: "I'm calling on behalf of Google - I'm actually calling from a company called name withheld."


Chances are that many people hearing that someone was calling 'on behalf' of Google would think that the salesman was actually from Google.

If this tactic sounds familiar, it is - the Romans had the same problem, if Hollywood is to be believed - the hard-pressed Roman legionaries, trying to get Spartacus had a terrible time of it - more Spartacuses (Spartacae?) to shake a pilum at than there are Elvises in Las Vegas.

So, watch out - don't be fooled by the SEO Cowboys and keep your sestertii in your pocket!


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