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Responsive Websites - looking great whatever the device


Responsive site for photo-based companies. Are you a photographer? Perfect for you.

See it in action at - http://magnetic.krann5.co.uk


FAB template - Strata is something we are very excited about!

See it in action here -  http://strata.krann5.co.uk/

DriFolio looks pretty cool - maybe TOO cool? See it working here -  http://drifolio.krann5.co.uk/
Your Dream Home
Another fab responsive template. See it in action here - http://lacasa.krann5.co.uk/

The fashion today is for GIANT websites with text leaping about all over the place.

If that's your bag, Krann can supply. But what is this NEW WAVE of websites?

They're called 'Responsive' websites and web design companies are really excited about them because:

  1. They are attractive to Google
  2. They work well on mobile phones
  3. They allow web designers to sell you a new website all over again!

We don't think you NEED a new, responsive site if your current website is working for you.

Then again, you probably don't need to replace a three year old car for a new one either.

So, if you want a site that is RESPONSIVE, so that Google likes it marginally more than it does already, Krann can do it for you.

Take a look at Google's 'mobile-friendly' Test Tool. It's here:


Here, you can type in the address of the website you want to test and this Tool will tell you if your site is a mobile-friendly one.

If it is not, then some web developer companies may tell you the sky is about to fall in.

Don't panic. It won't.

Some really major websites out there are NOT mobile-friendly.

Try these out - some are, some are not - just copy and paste them into http://www.google.co.uk/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ to test them out.


Now, try our demo site at:


Copy and paste it in - you should get the Google Thumbs up!

So give us a call, pick a design, send us your words and pictures (or have us author them for you) and allow Krann to set up your RESPONSIVE website today!