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Don't Let SEO Cowboys Get You by the Horns!

Cartoon Cowboys
Fight back against the SEO cartoon cowboys!

SEARCH ENGINE Optimisation cowboys are now claiming you will be 'kicked off Google' if you don't hire them to 'optimise' your website for high rankings on the Search Engine.

It is their latest attempt at scaring companies into paying money to them and would be classed as a protection racket if only they had the power to knock a site off Google.

The Cowboys don't have this power, though some of the techniques they use could get a site banned by Google. Techniques such as link farming are designed to 'trick' Google into giving a site higher rankings and some big names have fallen fowl of this technique - BMW being perhaps the most high-profile example.

These SEO companies have nothing to do with Google, though they may claim they have a 'special relationship' with Google. Such claims are false - and if you want to be sure, contact Google directly.

Remember, Google is a place to go to find useful and relevant content. If Google thinks your site is the most useful and relevant for a particular search, then it will rank you top. Period.

The only way you can get knocked off your perch is if another site comes along which Google thinks is more useful and more relevant than your site.

And, if you want to get higher up Google's rankings, simply add some more useful and relevant and content to your site. (If you have a Content Management System, then use it!)

If you get an overly-aggressive sales call from an SEO salesman using scare tactics or pretending to be from Google when they are not, get their name, company details and write down what they have told you (and when they told it to you.)

If you are suspicious, forward it to the Police or Consumer Direct (details below) - they may already be preparing a case against them and could be grateful for the extra evidence.

These companies are misrepresenting Google, damaging Google's reputation and stealing money from unsuspecting businesses - let's work together to stop them!

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