E-books and PDFs


What is an Ebook?

There are actually many different types of ebook format, but perhaps the simplest and most ubiquitous is the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Ebooks can be .exe files based on Websites - Click here to download an ebook based on the THA Group website, found at www.tha.co.uk.

Wikipedia describes it as "a file format created by Adobe Systems, initially to provide a standard form for storing and editing printed publishable documents. Because documents in .pdf format can easily be seen and printed by users on a variety of computer and platform types, they are very common on the World Wide Web."

At Krann, our team has been involved in Ebook PDF production for the best part of a decade.

Our MD John Shiel handled the timetable design and production for First Group plc for the entire period of the group's North West franchise with a very dedicated team of timetable specialists.

An example of their work as a PDF is given here (see left).

To obtain the eBook PDF, simply click on the image below and your eBook PDF will download.

Should you require Ebooks for your website, please contact us.

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