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What is e-Marketing?

Essentially, e-marketing is all about keeping your existing customers 'on board' - with the word 'customers' in its broadest possible sense.

You can do this by emailing them regularly with an 'enewsletter' of tips, special offers and news - anything that will keep you in the mind of your customer.

The other great thing about enewsletters is that they are only received by people who want them - so its good to keep them interesting!

Krann Ltd offers a full enewsletter service. From setting up the subscription form on your website, adding your customer's emails to your subscriber database to writing articles and typesetting the newsletter itself - we can do it all!

Alternatively, maybe you want to do it yourself - that's OK,we offer that service too - simply log into our system, choose a template and start writing!

Why eNewsletters are a Good Thing

When the right offer or circumstances come along, you want your customer ready to buy - and if he's been receiving those emails which remind him you exist, he's more likely to buy from you than someone else.

Also, because he's been receiving the newsletters, he's already interested in you - if he loses interest, he will 'unsubscribe' from the list.

Your 'club' of customers

It helps if your customer identifies with your business - maybe you're a local shop, maybe he bought from you before and was impressed with the service. Maybe he heard that his favourite footballer had bought something from you a year ago...there's a million reasons for buying anything!

If he is interested enough in you to visit your website, then you need to do whatever you can to convert him from a casual one-off visitor to a member of your 'club' of customers.


If he signs up to your club, you need to reward him with something, and that is where e-marketing comes in - you reward him with information designed to help him make his buying decisions.

Messages about your business, its products and offers, plus tips on how to get the most out of the products you sell are exactly the sort of this which costs you little, but adds a great deal of value to purchasers (and would-be purchasers) of your products.

Large corporations such as the Post Office, Co-op Bank, Tescos etc. do this via magazines that are full of interesting articles about their business, without any obvious hard-sell in them. These magazines are there to keep the brand visible and to position the brand as one which represents a friendly, assistance-giving resource for the customer, helping them make their buying decisions rather than appearing to exploit them.

Any business can do it

Thanks to the internet, you don't have to be a large corporation to communicate with your customers.

An e-mailed newsletter is a colourful, branded piece of 'push' marketing which is only sent to those who request it – the user must 'opt in' to the free subscription service and 'opt out' if he doesn't want it.

So, this is not junk mail! This is mail the receiver has asked for, and the opportunity to unsubcribe from the list is always there.


Rolex expertise

For example, if Rolex were to release a new range of watches, a jeweller with a eNewsletter system in place could start writing about the lauch and promote his own 'See the New Rolex' event at his shop to customers who are already interested in what he sells.

Such an article would be exactly the sort of item someone interested in buying a Rolex might want to read before purchasing one. In some cases it might be a deciding factor.

If the jeweller can position himself as an expert on Rolex watches in this way, then the customer will be more likely to visit his shop when he is ready to buy.

Manage your Time and your Team

To effectively e-market, you need to be able to organise your time to create articles every month or so about your business - you will need to write about your products and services in a methodical way. You may already be doing this - perhaps you have an email list on Outlook Express which you send emails to from time to time.

This is good news, becase all you need now is a system that can turn this valuable content into a polished e-marketing management system that benefits both your business and its customers.

Krann MailMan

Krann MailMan powerful, all-in-one email marketing software that's incredibly easy to learn and to use and is designed to turn your written material into a machine that converts occasional visitors to your website into regular visitors and turns regular visitors into repeat purchasers.

Great, but what does it actually do?

Krann MailMan emails your subscribers automatically with a polished, professional template-based newsletter. The style, content, timing and targeting is up to you.

Fore example, if you want to email just the women in your client base - it can do that automatically, every time.

Krann MailMan deploys the right message at the right time to the right customer, and it does it automatically, efficiently and quickly, saving you time to think about the message and image you want to present to your customers.

More than that, it tells you who is clicking on what in your newsletter and presents it in a statistical format so that you can spot instantly what is going on and adjust your business strategy accordingly.


So long as you have a message, we are certain you'll be delighted with the ease with which you can use this program to get your message to the masses. Remember, we want you to be a success with our work!

Here's what Krann MailMan can do:

  • Improve customer service addressing your customers by name - personalised communications is the proven key to getting great results in online sales and marketing!
  • Create customer loyalty and trust while lowering marketing costs
  • Promote your brand, shop and website thorugh your newsletter by reminding customers who you are - your newsletter will be branded with your logo and styled to your corporate identity to keep you in their imagination!
  • Boost sales and profits by sending special offers to your customers
  • On-queue autoresponders. Create a series of unlimited emails which are sent to subscribes at particular dates and times after their subscription has started
  • Group your customers by sex, age etc. and send them targetted newsletters designed to appeal to the type of person they are with the type of products which appeal to them
  • Use the stats feature to tell you who is clicking on what - identifying your most popular links and helping you decide on which products are winners
  • Has corporation-level features, small business price - choose between a range of reasonable price points - each one with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Includes everything that you need to run your email marketing campaigns - a list builder, subscription forms, autoresponders, newsletter editor, tracking, reports and more!
  • On-queue autoresponders. Krann MailMan sends them to your new subscribers automatically. It's like having a 24 hour, 7 day a week marketing team!
  • Advanced tracking and reporting. Krann MailMan automatically tracks and reports how many subscribers open your emails, which links they click on, etc. Then, from the Krann MailMan control panel you have complete access to this tracking data in easy-to-view reports
  • Guaranteed "clean" subscriber lists. Krann MailMan can automatically send out confirmation emails to adhere to double opt-in standards, keeping your subscriber list free of errors and bad email addresses.
  • Works in all common web browsers. Krann MailMan works with all common web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and other gecko-based browsers!
  • Create emails in text, HTML or "multi-part" (text and HTML) formats. Krann MailMan will make sure that your subscribers email client automatically shows the format that is best suited for their PC - automatically!
  • Send and schedule newsletters and autoresponders - can be sent and scheduled without leaving your browser open.
  • Send to huge mailing lists. Sending emails with Krann MailMan has been tested successfully with over 200,000 subscribers, so no matter how big your list grows, Krann MailMan can keep up.
  • Automatic link tracking. All links in your newsletter can be tracked for click-thru stats which you can then view and download.
  • Powerful targeted sending. Use Krann MailMan's built-in targeting to send emails only to subscribers who match certain criteria -- for example, only send an email to females under the age of 23 living in Cheshire.
  • 1-click bounce handling. Eradicate erroneous subscriber emails using Krann MailMan's 1-click bounce handling system. Simply send your newsletter, tell Krann MailMan how you want to handle the bounced emails, and Krann MailMan takes care of the rest!
  • Dynamic unsubscribe links. With one click you can easily insert a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of your emails. In some countries, this is required by law. Krann MailMan automatically personalizes the unsubscribe link for each subscriber that receives your email!
  • Automatically confirm your subscribers. Krann MailMan can automatically send out confirmation emails to adhere to double-optin standards, keeping your subscriber list free of errors and bad email addresses.
  • Easy to use HTML editor. Create your HTML newsletters using the integrated WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor and create rich text, links, lists, etc directly through your web browser. If you can use Microsoft Word, you'll be able to handle this!
  • Runs on auto-pilot. Let your visitors subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists automatically. Everything is processed in real-time, so you will never have to waste time manually adding or deleting subscribers from your mailing lists ever again.
  • Limit number of emails sent. For each user you can specify how many emails they can send per month and/or per hour.
  • Upload and send attachments. Newsletters, templates and autoresponders all include full support for adding and sending attachments.
  • Import subscribers from an existing database. Simply supply the database login details, choose which fields to map and Krann MailMan takes care of the importing.
  • Customize subscription forms. Choose which custom fields appear on each subscription form that you create.
  • Notification via email. Be notified via email when someone joins or leaves a mailing list.
  • Filter autoresponder recipients based on custom fields. For example, only send a specific autoresponder to a subscriber that has set their sex to 'female' .
  • Send via your mail server. With Krann MailMan you can specify your own SMTP server when sending newsletters.
  • Completely web-based. No software to download or install on your PC. Everything runs directly from your web browser, meaning that you have 24/7 access to Krann MailMan from any computer with a browser and an Internet connection!
  • Easy to use. Developed with the end user in mind, Krann MailMan is simple to use and you can get started building your mailing list or sending emails in minutes.

Remember, there's even a 21 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. So, why not give us a try? Call us on 01625 850 186 now!

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